COVID-19 Image
    Washington County Schools will open for in-person instruction as planned on Aug. 12, 2020.
    The district’s leaders and instructional staff are finalizing plans that will provide both high-quality instruction and a safe environment. We believe no plan is perfect in a situation like the one we face with the pandemic, but we are committed to meeting the needs of our students, employees, and our community.
    After our local health officials and school administrators review our plans, we will present the plans to our employees for their review and input. Finally, we expect to be able to share tentative plans with the public around the middle of July or sooner, if possible.
    After our plans are released, parents will be asked to decide if they want to send their children back to school for 5-days per week or if they wish to select 100% e-learning delivered by our district’s e-learning staff.
    We ask for your patience as we work to develop the BEST plans possible. Our students deserve the opportunity to be educated without interruption in an environment that minimizes the exposure to COVID-19. It is our goal to to do everything we can to make that happen. Our teachers and staff members are excellent at making the best of bad situations.