Washington County Bus Garage

7 Massey St

Chatom, AL 36518

Phone: 251.847.2756

Fax: 251.847.3356


Contact:  Brad Johnston

School Bus Information:

Number of school buses: 68

Number of Regular Route buses: 50

Number of Special Need buses: 04

Number of Spare Buses: 14

Number of Career Tech bus routes: 05

Number of Special Need bus routes: 04

Total Bus Route Drivers: 54

Average Route Miles per day traveled by 54 buses: 3,084 miles

Average number of students transported daily: 2,037 students

Average extracurricular and athletic miles per year traveled on school buses: 32,544

Average miles per gallon of diesel used by each bus in system: 6.1 MPG


Cars and Trucks:

Driver Education Cars: 7

Service Trucks: 5



1.       Willie McKinnis

3.       Byron Heathcock

4.       Andy Brown

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